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We supply our entire portfolio of nonalcoholic spirits, wines, beers, bitters and mixers to luxury restaurants, spas, large hospitality venues, wedding destinations and retreats. Many of whom are new to expanding their alcohol-free offerings to customers – with this in mind we offer more than most to our trade customers.

We have an experienced team leading our efforts to bring the brands we represent into the UK market, this team offers our clients dedicated management, product training and bespoke support services such as custom menus.

Additionally, you’ll get an account manager to help with orders, on-premise site placements, serving suggestions and access to our marketing, mixologists and sommeliers.

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With 7 in 10 people now trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, consumer expectations have evolved. Today high-profile bartenders and businesses alike are opting for innovative “zero-proof ” options that specialise in flavour and experience.

With reasons ranging from religion to culture and personal choice, to health, well-being, preference and simply circumstances. No matter the category consumers want to enjoy an evening with inclusive options, that satisfy the senses and elevate their experience.

Venues that present elegant alcohol-free options are noteworthy amongst consumers. Catering to all preferences not only encourages profits but also drives higher margins than soft drinks and still waters.

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global opportunity

We are seeing a moderation trend sweeping across global markets, with people preferring to moderate their choices this has driven increased demand for alcohol-free drinks. IWSR recently reported that 78% of consumers of no- or low-alcohol products also drink standard alcohol.

We are here to help the industry realise the true potential of premium zero-proof beverages.

Hotel Non-Alcoholic Beverages
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This truly stunning ‘zero alcohol’ bubbly brought to you by the Frerejean Frères & Taittinger family in France’s famous Champagne region, is the perfect choice for your festive appetisers. Whether you’re pregnant, or just on a health kick, this is a stunning pairing for a cheese course, or dessert, and will also work brilliantly at a birthday party or a barbecue piled high with all the treasures of the sea. Juicy fat prawns, luxurious lobster, and bucketfuls of clams and mussels will all pair magnificently with this sparkling “wine” as will dishes of smoked salmon and smoked cheese, canapés of blinis and caviar, and green vegetables sides and salads.⁠
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Three Spirit drinks are designed to enhance your night from start to finish. Vegan, gluten-free and artificial ingredient-free!  Shop now at⁠
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