Prima Pave Rose Dolce


Award-winning wine produced in Northern Italy. Delicately sweet, bright acidity, round finish.
Dolce, means “sweet” in Italian, this describes this wine perfectly, though it is not as sweet or heavy as traditional dessert wines it presents refreshing and light notes of blood orange, candied lychee, and strawberry jam.

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Nutritional Information
  • Halal Certified
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Calorie
  • Alcohol Free
  • Prima Pave Blue Lavender Recipe

    Prima Pavé Blue Lavender

    Prima Pavé Blue Lavender

    This lavender blueberry refresher just screams summer. It’s light, cooling and icy filled with fruity and dessert-like floral flavours. It looks very pretty too!

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  • Prima Pave ELISIR D'AMORE recipe

    Prima Pavé Elisir d’Amore

    Prima Pavé Elisir d’Amore

    The Prima Pavé Elisir d’Amore is a refreshing summer night must-have, perfect for socialising with friends or simply sipping away in the warm soft sun.

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  • Prima Pave Prima-Circle

    Prima Pavé Prima-Circle

    Prima Pavé Prima-Circle

    This frothy delight brings both sweet and citrus flavours together in a perfect symphony. The prep may be a little longer but friends are sure to be impressed with this sip.

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Prima Pavé

Italy’s most awarded non-alcoholic wine.
All three of the Prima Pave alcohol-free sparkling wines have won medals at the world’s most prestigious wine competitions including the San Francisco International Wine Competition and the IWSC in London. The founders Dejou and Marco Marano are committed to elevating what non-alcoholic wines can achieve in terms of quality and a terroir driven profile.

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