French Bloom Le Blanc


French Bloom Le Blanc reveals dazzling floral bursts in the heart. Its tropical notes are followed by an evolution of granny smith apple, accords of white flowers and slightly spicy citrus fruits with sparkling freshness.

2022 WORLD SPARKLING AWARDS – World’s Best AF Sparkling Winner


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  • Halal Certified
  • Vegan
  • Low Calorie
  • Alcohol Free
  • Golden Kick Recipe

    French Bloom Golden Cocktail

    French Bloom Golden Cocktail

    Powerful and exhilarating, famed mixologist Jean Vital breathes a wave of freshness into your sultry dinners with the Golden Kick alcohol-free cocktail. This clever blend of ginger and turmeric is a flamboyant encounter with the sweetness of French Bloom Le Blanc non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

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  • Forbidden Fizz Recipe

    French Bloom Forbidden Cocktail

    French Bloom Forbidden Cocktail

    This summer, have it all with the Forbidden Fizz alcohol-free cocktail. Created by Jean Vital, The Ivy Collection’s Cocktail Developer’s, this mocktail made with alcohol-free and organic sparkling French Bloom Le Rosé is a real explosion of flavours.

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French Bloom

Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger
& Constance Jablonski

Long-time friends, Constance & Maggie who live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, meet again in Paris in 2019. Maggie, Director of the Michelin Guide, is pregnant with twins. Constance pursues her career as a top model. During social gatherings, they soon realize how non-alcoholic, festive and sophisticated drinks are non-existent. The idea for French Bloom was born. Through their innovative and female-founded brand, French Bloom gives an alternative and inviting drink to those wanting to celebrate elegantly and differently, making the most of the precious moments shared with friends and family.

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to remember
This truly stunning ‘zero alcohol’ bubbly brought to you by the Frerejean Frères & Taittinger family in France’s famous Champagne region, is the perfect choice for your festive appetisers. Whether you’re pregnant, or just on a health kick, this is a stunning pairing for a cheese course, or dessert, and will also work brilliantly at a birthday party or a barbecue piled high with all the treasures of the sea. Juicy fat prawns, luxurious lobster, and bucketfuls of clams and mussels will all pair magnificently with this sparkling “wine” as will dishes of smoked salmon and smoked cheese, canapés of blinis and caviar, and green vegetables sides and salads.⁠
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