Create an elegant and inclusive experience for your next gathering. We offer private event services, including non-alcoholic beverage solutions and menu curation for corporate and personal events. We support weddings, functions, festivals, launches, corporate parties and branding events. Whether big or small, we’re able to support your needs and can create custom packages for you.

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You will see us popping up at some of your favourite festivals and calendar events throughout the year. Our pop-ups feature a full menu of House of Clarity signature non-alcoholic cocktails, award-winning wines, and craft beers. We also collaborate with amazing brands throughout the year, so keep an eye out for our IRL pop-up sessions!

We are always keen to hear where you’d like to see us next! Drop us an email or let us know on our social channels.

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This truly stunning ‘zero alcohol’ bubbly brought to you by the Frerejean Frères & Taittinger family in France’s famous Champagne region, is the perfect choice for your festive appetisers. Whether you’re pregnant, or just on a health kick, this is a stunning pairing for a cheese course, or dessert, and will also work brilliantly at a birthday party or a barbecue piled high with all the treasures of the sea. Juicy fat prawns, luxurious lobster, and bucketfuls of clams and mussels will all pair magnificently with this sparkling “wine” as will dishes of smoked salmon and smoked cheese, canapés of blinis and caviar, and green vegetables sides and salads.⁠
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Three Spirit drinks are designed to enhance your night from start to finish. Vegan, gluten-free and artificial ingredient-free!  Shop now at⁠
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Making plans for 2024? We are too! We're planning on popping up at a few big events this year. Where would you like to see us? Let us know. 🎪🎉⁠
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