House of Clarity x Angie Tiwari – Yoga Teacher & Founder of UNEARTHED

If you are familiar with our brand, you’ll know we don’t push going sober or promote abstinence all-together. We truly believe in mindfulness, moderation and simply achieving more from all aspects of life. For us its about having a privilege of choice, having premium options that are equally as delicious and beautiful as their counterparts and filling your life with moments worth remembering.

So, instead of focusing on ‘Dry January’ we wanted to bring you wisdom on how you can get more out of each day of 2024. As we embark on a New Year, filled with new goals, it’s easy too quickly become burnt out and wellbeing may begin falling by the wayside. So, to help you achieve your projects in a mindful manner we sat down with some amazing industry experts to learn more about their wellbeing practices. So get ready to take on their tips…

We sat down with Angie Tiwari, Angie is a meditation and breath work teacher and founder of  Unearthed wellbeing community offering wonderful retreats and events.

Welcome Angie! Thank you for sitting down with us, you had a great 2023 but tell us what are your goals for 2024?

“I choose 3 focus words each year. This year the words are connection, healing and intuition. I apply these words to every thing I do and every goal I set and I find it helps me stay really focussed and content.”

Oh really, that’s so interesting, we’ll have to try that ourselves! As a teacher of meditation can you share with us how we can use meditation in our everyday life, perhaps some tips for those of us who haven’t tried it before?

“Firstly I would always say, remember that meditation is about finding one point of focus. That means you can find what brings you that in your life. It can be different for all of us. Avoid distractions, too much phone time, and any drama. Try to find moments of stillness and silence in your day, whether it’s taking a walk without your usual podcast in your ears, or sitting at home without the TV always on. Be present with yourself.”

Great advice, they are definitely areas I would like to focus on. As many of us live busy lives it can be difficult to find the time to meditate or do yoga, but i believe breath work can be a great tool to calm the mind and slow down. Do you have a short practice you would recommend us trying?

“Yes, of course. A breath practice to help sleep is always really beneficial and all you need to remember are the numbers 3 and 6. Inhale for the count of 3, and exhale for the count of 6. Repeat as many times as you need. I recommend practising this in bed or in the evening as part of your wind down routine.”

That’s great thank you for sitting down with us! 

If you would like to try meditation and breath work practices with Angie, you can find unlimited classes online, simply visit – Also don’t miss they amazing retreats and wellbeing community that runs exciting events and conversations throughout the year! 

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